Learning Car Maintenance

Change Your Oil

an oil stick being wiped down

Changing your oil is something that every car owner should know how to do. With just an old rag you can check on your oil and make sure that your system is running properly. Without a good routine of checking your oil it will be easy for you to run into problems with your machine. Read through my page titled, “Change Your Oil” to get informed on how to empty out your oil and fill it back up with a new carton.

Diagnose Problems

lady on cell phone with a steaming car engine

Half of the game with car maintenance is just being observant to the intricacies of your machine. Each engine is different and there will be specific repairs you will have to make to keep it running. It's all just a matter of developing a relationship with your car; learn to find its strengths and weaknesses, and you will have a better time. In the following pages I will go over methods you can use to help yourself diagnose problems without having to use a mechanic.

Tire Maintenance

a guy putting a tire on a car

Tire maintenance is a lot more important than you would think. One blown tire could actually end up costing you your life. Check your air pressure frequently to make sure that you are at a good level. Make routine check-ups on your treat to make sure your tires aren't beginning to bald. Once you have considered these tips and others that I will go over you should be able to keep your tires in tip top shape as you drive out on the road.

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